General information

Arriving for the Summer Courses

The Summer Courses start with the students’ arrival on Sundays. After registration, enrolled students receive our Summer Course schedule and a checklist with all necessary items they should bring along to the Summer Courses. Upon request, we pick up your child from the airport of Geneva or Zurich. Students stay in single, double or triple rooms. According to their age and mother tongue, we match your child with other room mates. Boys stay at the Chalet, while girls have their rooms at the Residence.

Pocket money

According to the parents’ wish, pocket money may be given to our Summer Course students. We recommend a sum ranging from CHF 10.- to CHF 50.- per week, depending on the student’s age.

In case of illness or accident

Our school is equipped in case a student suffers of minor injuries or afflictions. If a student gets sick during our Summer courses, he/she is followed by our staff and if needed, we arrange a medical appointment. In case of serious accident, we immediately take the student to the closest hospital. The Riaz hospital is located only 6 km from our school.


During the summer, meals are held according to a daily schedule. A large breakfast buffet is arranged every morning in the dining room. All students are seated in order to practice their French skills at the dining table.

We are pleased to provide balanced meals. Please inform us if your child follows a specific diet. We serve water at every meal. An indoor or outdoor snack is held every late afternoon after sports or cultural activities. If the weather allows, dinner is served outside or our chef prepares a lovely barbecue. On Saturday and Sunday, we serve a mid-morning brunch before going on excursions.

Laundry Service

During our Summer Courses, students have the possibility to make use of our laundry service. Parents wishing to use this service, which is not included in the package, are kindly requested to mark their children’s clothes as to avoid any confusions. A personal laundry bag is distributed to each student who has signed up for the laundry service.

Are you interested?

Are you interested in our Summer Courses?

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