Language courses

Morning classes are dedicated to learning a language (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian). After a brief assessment at the beginning of their stay, students are divided into groups of different levels (Basic, Medium, Advanced, Superior).
These classes are held by our highly qualified teachers.

Tutoring classes

Upon request, we may organize tutoring classes for all subjects taught from 6th class of primary school (8th class according to HarmoS) up to the last year of secondary school II (Swiss Matura or French Bac). For example: Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Life sciences, Geography-History, Economy, Philosophy.

Federal Matura Exam Preparation

During July, students taking the Summer Session Matura Exams have the possibility to follow an intensive preparation program targeting the 1st or 2nd final exam partial.

Afternoon activities

 » Sports – excursions – visits  » program:

We organize sports competitions with other schools. During our Summer Courses we also offer: visits to exhibitions and museums, city trips to Lausanne, Geneva, Fribourg or Berne, as well as excursions to the surrounding area as to the castle of Gruyères, the Gruyere cheese factory or the Cailler chocolate factory in Broc. During the Summer Courses in Gruyères, the evening program may take place at the lake or in the woods and includes games, bonfire, barbecue events, dancing parties, etc.

On weekends a special program (with i.e. water games or city tours) is set up. Depending on the weather, we are pleased to bring our international students to the beautiful Alps region. A trip to Zermatt regularly takes place. We also organize hiking tours, picnics and overnights in a mountain chalet. Our students always follow an evening program that fits their age and interests.

All activities and excursions during our Summer courses are led by our experienced and professional instructors.

« Robotics and IT » program:

During the week, the pupils in team make one or several robots.

Our Fab Lab is a digital and technical workshop. Computerized and endowed with professional machines, he allows the fast prototypage of physical, electronic and connected objects.

Available equipments : 3D printers, 3D scanner, CNC milling machines, laser cutting machines, vinyl cutting machines, Arduino starter-kits, digitaly sewing machine , video, drone, PC and Mac, etc.

Randonnées en montagne avec guide
Mountain bike